2023 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen Denmark

Best Places To Visit In Copenhagen Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country with rich history and many palaces/castles to visit and ranked usually among the world’s happiest countries. A peaceful and bike friendly country, lying in the Nordic Region famous for its high-quality design, architecture and Danish Culture. This Scandinavian country has temperate climate and hence cool summers and cold winters with best times to visit from june to august.

If you are planning to visit major sights then you can opt for the Copenhagen card, to avail free entries to almost 87 major attractions and free transport in the city area. The cards are valid from 24 hrs to 120 hrs and range from 56 Euros to 134 Euros.

The most popular and Instagram worthy, waterfront sight in Copenhagen is Nyhavn. Built in 17th century, it’s an old harbor with many wooden ships docked in an artificial canal. The picture perfect colorful lined townhouses are from 17th– 18th century and have been renovated. The area is lined up with a number of restaurants, cafés and bars.
Tip- From Nyhavn Amalienborg Palace is walking distance and nice place to visit.
Tickets- Free

City/Town Hall Square-
City hall square is a public square located in front of City hall as the name suggests. It is popular for a variety of events and activities. It’s a nice square for a quick photo stop.
Tip- Located in central Copenhagen, stroll along this square while visiting the nearby sights

Stroget Street-
This is a popular shopping street in Copenhagen with everything from city malls, flea markets to Danish designs. It is located between between Raadhuspladsen and Kongens Nytorv. It starts from City hall itself and is among the longest pedestrian Streets. It has numerous variety of shops on both sides of street. Along with famous brands and shops like Zara, H&M, Vero Moda, Magasin Du Nord Mall, Department Store Illums Bolighus, Prada, etc there are many souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. 
Opening Timings- Usually open from 10 to 6 pm on Weekdays, Saturdays 10 to 5 pm, Sundays 10 to 4 pm

The Round Tower-
Originally designed as an astronomy observatory, the Round tower is among the oldest observatory deck. From the top of the round tower, you one will have some splendid views of the city of Copenhagen. To get to the top, there is a distinctive spiral walk of 209 meters.  Along the way to the top there is also an old library hall which is now used for exhibitions, events and concerts.
Tip- Wearing comfortable shoes is advised.
Free entry with Copenhagen card
Opening Timings- 10 to 6 pm (winters), 10 to 8 pm (summers)
Ticket – 40 DKK per person

Christianborg Palace-
One of the beautiful palaces this was one of the main residences of the royal family. After several fires, the Royal family moved to Amalienborg palace. Currently, it is home to the Danish Parliament, the Supreme court, and offices of the Prime Minister and is used by the Queen for gala dinners and formal receptions. The Christiansborg palace has five attractions; The Royal Reception Rooms with The Great Hall and The Tapestries, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen, Christiansborg Palace Chapel and the ruins under the palace.
Tip-There are lockers to keep your large backpacks, strollers, and umbrellas
 If you hold a ticket to the Royal Reception rooms, you are entitled to a free guided tour of the premises
free entry with Copenhagen Card
Before vising the palace check this link to see if it open http://kongeligeslotte.dk/en/palaces-and-gardens/christiansborg-palace/visit-christiansborg-palace/opening-hours-at-christiansborg-palace.html
Opening Timings- 10 to 5 pm, Closed on Mondays
Tickets- Combination Ticket (The Royal Reception Room, The Royal Kitchen,The Royal Stables)- 160 DKK, The Royal Reception Rooms 95 DKK, The Royal kitchen- 60 DKK, The Royal Stables – 60 DKK, Free Admission To The Palace Chapel
Children under age of 18 have free entrance

Amalienborg Palace- This palace is the official residence of the Danish Royal family. It a beautiful palace with a central square surrounded by a group of 4 palaces/buildings.  Visitors can visit 2 buildings, one of which is a Amalienborg Museum, and second building has rococo rooms from elegant dining room to the lavish great hall. This place is near to the famous waterfront of Copenhagen, Nhyavn.
Tips- The change of guards ceremony takes place exactly at 12 and every day and recommend not to miss it
Free entry with Copenhagen card
Tickets- 95 DKK per person
Timings- Open from 10 to 4pm

Rosenborg Castle-
The Rosenborg castle was built as the summer residence King Christian IV, features Danish Royal collections from jewelry to crowns. As it was royal residence till 1710, one can find lavish maintained interiors to the castle. This castle is divided in 3 floors along with one basement which is the treasury where the crowns and jewels are located. You can explore various rooms and their intricate decorations on all floors
You will have to store your luggage at the free lockers at the ticket counters
Combined ticket for Amalienborg and Rosenborg cost 170 Kr and is valid for 36hrs
Free entry with Copenhagen card
120 Kr
Opening Timings
10 to 4pm
The CopenHagen card is valid for this sight

Tivoli Gardens-
It is the most famous amusement park in Copenhagen and the second oldest operating in the world. Located near city hall in central Copenhagen, this park is designed for all age groups. Even if you don’t opt for the roller coaster rides there is plenty to do here for all. From 28 rides (for all ages), carnival games, themed gardens, many restaurants, souvenir shops, beautiful lighting decorations and musical theatre performances it’s a nice way to spend your time
Tips- The entrance ticket does not give access to Tivoli’s rides.
Visit mid to late afternoon to avoid huge crowds
If you wish to leave the gardens and return, please use the exit through the Tivoli Food Hall where it is possible to obtain a re-entry stamp from the Tivoli staff.
Free entry with Copenhagen card
Opening Timings -11 to 10 pm
Tickets- For entrance- Monday to Friday-135 DKK, Saturday- Sunday- 145 DKK, Children from 3-7 yrs 60 DKK
Separate ride cost 30 DKK roughly and around 390 DKK including few rides.
Large Locker cost 50 DKK and Small one 30 DKK

Pic : Tivoli Garden Website

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