Best Places To Visit In Doha Qatar


Hi everyone!! I am Apeksha Shah, an amateur blogger and an experienced traveller, with an experience of visiting 39 plus countries (many multiple times), 99 cities,  33 Indian Cities in past 9 years.

How it all began


As a child I explored major parts of India, since my parents always loved vacations and exploring new places.
But my part of the story and love for travelling began when I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from India and decided to pursue my Master’s degree in management from U.K. Whilst completing my degree and working in London, I was exposed to a new world altogether. I further stayed in Paris for some time and I realized visiting new places thrilled me. My keenness for managing and planning things helped me while constructing itineraries and creating travel plans.

Although not well versed with writing, I always received suggestions to start my own blog. Quite reluctant, I never thought I would be writing a blog one day, but here I am. The covid19 pandemic gave me some time to write and contemplate over this. I finally decided to pen down and share my experiences and memories with everybody.

I am a shopaholic and I love souvenir shopping, so don’t be surprised to see many shopping related tips and blogs . I love exploring all popular tourist places and many unique sights as well. I am a strong believer that every place and culture has its uniqueness and I admire this.
I have travelled around many cities, and being a staunch vegetarian, I have had few hitches as well, but travelling is not all about the seamless journeys. Travelling can be overwhelming at times as sleep patterns change with extreme fatigue from hectic travel schedules. But travel is entirely about the experience and not just the perfect photos on social networking sites. I have started relishing and enjoying each novel experience.

From travelling extensively, I have come to realize its a huge world and we occupy an extremely small part of it and I have my share of learnings from my journeys. For me, this is a never ending loop of love and passion for travel. This gives me sheer happiness and peace. The love for it has helped me write this blog eventually. Travelling has no finish line. I will want to make many more memories till its possible for me. I feel there is so much more left for me to explore.

Hoping you would find my insights and suggestions helpful in your travel plans, and it creates an urge for you guys to travel and visit your dream destination. Start your own journey full of stories!

Come let’s be a traveller at heart ♥

I travel not to show the world, but because I am passionate about it. It gives me sheer happiness and peace. I will travel as long as its possible and make memories, exploring new places & trying out new experiences.