A simple customized guide for all your
journeys in few steps.

Are you planning a trip but confused which destination to choose? Are you unsure which hotel to choose? If you have any of these questions popping in your mind you are at the right place. On popular demand, we are pleased to offer a simple, short, customized online consultation. In few simple steps you will receive a customized assistance on planning your itinerary, providing resolution to your queries.

~How Does It Work?~


1. Select a package which you wish to book.
2. Fill and submit the form. 
3. Once the form is submitted you will receive an email with details about making payment.
4. You can make payment via GooglePay or Bank/Wire Transfer.
5. Once payment is received, you will receive the follow-up document with all details after 7 working days on email id provided by you.

~Types of packages~

Recommendations to choose a destination
  • 30 USD $ only
  • 3 Destination Options Provided With Reasons
  • Receive an email in 7 Days
  • Fully Customized For You
Consultation on choosing best sights and popular tourist places
  • 40 USD $ only
  • 5 - 7 Best Recommendations Provided
  • Receive an email in 7 Days
  • Fully Customized For You
Best hotel
for you
  • 50 USD $ only
  • 3 Best Hotels Recommendations Provided
  • Receive an email in 7 Days
  • Fully Customized For You
Best Seller

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

~ Custom Package ~

Couldn’t find what you are looking for? Still want recommendations? Email us to discuss and we will try to accommodate your request and provide resolution to you. 


still want to contact us? we are available on following details

Contact Info

+91- 9270039347

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
10:00 am-5:00 pm

~perfect if you need~

1.  Help with brainstorming and deciding on a destination.
2. Recommendations for activities, sights and spots. 
3. Personalized suggestions on good hotels.
4. Assistance because you are going to explore on your own and are not travelling with any group or tour
5. In-expensive advise based on experiences, knowledge & research.

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~terms and conditions~

1. Each consultation form will provide information only on one city
2. To secure your booking full payment is required in advance
3. Payment is non refundable under any circumstances
4. Full detailed itinerary will not be provided for any package
5. TravellerAtHeart will not be responsible for any conflict, problem arised during your travel or on your trip
6. Only listed countries will be eligible for online consultation
7. If you require consultation on countries other than the listed ones you can contact us. In these cases customization approval will wholly be decided by TravellerAtHeart
8. If you require consultation on more than one city, kindly fill different forms for each city
9. Under no circumstances accommodation , transport, activities will be booked on your behalf
10. All recommendations are truly based on experiences, personal knowledge and extensive research hence TravellerAtHeart will not be responsible for any unforeseen changes or circumstances that may affect your journey or trip
11. Forms and details once provided cannot be changed
12. TravellerAtHeart will be responsible and liable only to share the PDF document after seven working days when payment is fully received
13. If you do not receive the document after seven working days kindly please check your junk email
14. Kindly provide all required information in the form true to yourself. 
15. Please refer to our Privacy policy here for more details.
16. By filling out the form you agree to the above-mentioned terms & conditions.

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