10 Tips To Prepare You For Flying And Staying Safe In Corona Pandemic

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  1. Choose your destination wisely –
    Currently many countries have changing travel restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, hence choose your destination wisely. Some countries like Australia have closed their international borders (open only for their citizens). While few others have changing policies of lock-downs depending on the rate of COVID19. Some countries like Dubai are open and welcoming tourists again. 
  2. Book your flights with precaution-
    It can be a difficult to get stuck in a new country especially not knowing when situation would change. Book flights calculating and checking their cancellation and changing policies. Also research if there are any other carrier options providing the same return route.
  3. Book COVID19 insurance or flights including one-
    In worst situation, just in case you are infected with COVID19, you will be incurred hefty price for Hotel quarantines. These days many companies have started offering special COVID19 insurance. Some airlines like Emirates are providing flights inclusive of Corona Insurance to boost travelling. In these scenarios the airlines will bear all the quarantine and COVID tests charges during your travel.
  4. Confirm airline protocols –
    All airlines have different changes made to their on-board rules and restrictions. Few are keeping middle seat empty to maintain the social distancing norm and mandatory Covid tests before leaving and landing. Do cross check with the airlines you are travelling with, for clarifications
  5. Check the timing to reach Airport for onsite tests and protocol-
    Few Airports have requested passengers to reach atleast 4 hours before the flight for few protocols to be carried out on the airport. These include sanitizing your bags, temperature checks, checking your PCR (Corona test reports) etc. It will be advisable to confirm the timings prior leaving to avoid last minute rush
  6. Limit Your Contact with humans and surfaces- Not just on board but Be Careful while navigating to and from Airport. Limit and lessen your contact while check in, security, boarding and during the waiting times. Have minimum contact with humans and high touch surfaces/handles and sanitize your hands often
  7. Follow Sanitizing and Wiping on board –
    While on board, airline will definitely take safety measures, but it’s always better to wipe your arm rests, tray table, seat flap with disinfectant wipes where all infectious droplets could remain alive.
  8. Check the quarantine guidelines for return journey –
    Do not forget to check the quarantine guidelines to return back to your home country. Do check the quarantine specifications of both the places where you are travelling and the place where you are going to return back.
  9. Carry on Sanitizer Liquid 100ml and Disinfectant Spray 100ml –
    Very few International and domestic flights have allowed each passenger to carry 12 ounces=350ml of sanitizer liquid. While majority airlines are still following the  original rule with a 100ml of sanitizer and disinfectant sprays allowed on board.
  10. Follow the Basic Rules everywhere- Don’t forget and keep sanitizing/washing your hands regularly. Wearing masks is mandatory except for children under 2 years and keep safe distance from others.

Keep following the rules and have a safe journey!!

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