Adiyogi - Shiv Statue At Isha Center Coimbatore


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The famous Adiyogi Shiv Statue which you see in your Instagram feed is a part of Isha Centre which is an ashram and yoga center of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of a non-profit, humanitarian organization called Isha Foundation.

In the serene precincts of Coimbatore’s Isha Yoga Center stands the awe-inspiring Adiyogi Shiv statue, a testament to spiritual magnificence. The Adiyogi, representing the primal yogic energy, holds a central place at Isha Center, drawing seekers from across the globe. This blog takes you on a brief exploration & guide about visiting Isha Centre. Let the Adiyogi’s wisdom inspire your own spiritual journey, as we discover the transformative power. 

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Adiyogi Shiva Statue- Isha Centre

How to reach Adiyogi and get there?

Adiyogi – the Shiv Statue is located at Isha Yoga Center. It is located approximately 30 km from the prominent city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. So how does one reach there?

By Air: The nearest airport to Isha Yoga Center is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB). From the airport, you can hire a taxi or use other transportation options to reach the center. The drive from the airport takes approximately 40-50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

By Train: Coimbatore Junction is the railway station closest to Isha Yoga Center. From the station, you can hire a taxi or use local transportation to reach the center, which is about a 30-40 minute drive away.

By Road: The Easiest way to reach Isha Yoga Center from Coimbatore is by road. It is well-connected by a network of highways.  You can take a private car, hire a taxi, or use public buses to reach the center. It will take approximately 1 hour to reach the Center depending on the traffic. 

Local Transportation: Once in Coimbatore, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and rental cars are readily available for the journey to Isha Yoga Center. Many local buses leave from Gandhipuram Main Bus Stand in Coimbatore every 20-30 minutes to and fro from the center. Another bus route is Poondi to Gandhipuram via Isha Center. Many visitors also opt for shared transportation arrangements, such as shuttle services organized by the center, hotels, or local tour operators.

What are the opening timings?

The premises are open from 6 am to 8 pm in the evening
Specific timing are:
Theerthakunds: SuryaKund for Gents from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm & ChandraKund for Ladies from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm 
Dhyanalinga from 6 am to 8.30 pm
Linga Bhairavi from 6.30 am to 1.30 pm & 4.20 to 8.20 pm

Adiyogi Shiva Statue- Isha Centre

What is the height of the Shiv Statue?

Adiyogi is 112 feet in height, recognized as the world’s largest bust sculpture by the Guinness World Records. The Statue is 34-metre tall, 45-metre long and 25-metre wide. The height represents the 112 ways for one to attain well being. 

Which places to visit at Isha Centre other than Shiv Statue?

Isha Center is divided into few main parts and temples as below-

1. 112 ft. Adiyogi Shiv Statue
2. TheerthaKunds- SuryaKund (For Males) & ChandraKund (For Females) – Energy Bathing Pools
3. Linga Bhairavi – Temple
4. Dhyanalinga Temple
5. Isha Yoga School 
6. Facilities like Adiyogi Deposit Counters, Transport by Bullock Cart (Extra fee), Eating Places like canteen & food stalls, Parking, ATM 

What is the timing of the Award winning light and laser show at Adiyogi Shiv Statue?

The 3D laser show is called as Adiyogi Divya Darshanam which narrates the story of the evolution of Yoga and the journey of Adiyogi. Shiv Chanting starts at 7 pm & there is a 15-minute light and sound show which starts at 7.15 pm The crowds gather and start settling down at 6.45 pm. Overall you can expect to spend approximately 30 minutes for this entire show. 

What is the entry fee for Adiyogi and Isha Center?

The entry is free for all however there is a small parking fee of 50 Rs 

So how does one explore the Isha Center and what is the route inside?

The parking is located approximately 500m from the actual Adiyogi Statue. Once you reach the Adiyogi Shiv Statue there is an option of walking or taking the bullock cart ride (For an extra fee) to reach the actual Sarpa Gate of Isha Centre. On the way, you will come across small food stalls. 

At the Sarpa Gate of Isha Centre, you have to deposit everything at the counters including your mobile phones. There is also one restaurant near the main Sarpa Gate called Moonram Pirai. ATM counters are also located near Sarpa Gate. 
After heading inside the gate, there are deposit counters for your footwear. 
Once you deposit your footwear, there is one canteen/restaurant called Velliangiri Canteen.
Beside the canteen, is the huge Theerthakund for Males called as SuryaKund. This Kund has a big water fall in the background and you can see people meditating/chanting and bathing in the pool. There is a Naga Shrine where everyone can offer flowers and dhoopam. 
If you wish you can meditate and relax in this serene atmosphere for some time. Next, you head towards the big Nandi Staue just outside the Linga Bhairavi Temple and a small pedestrian bridge. 
You will be walking and heading towards the Linga Bhairavi Temple from here. Here you can worship the goddess but this temple is closed in the afternoon to outside visitors

After a short walk from here, you will come across the Chandrakund, the bathing energy pool for females similar to the earlier one.
Ahead of Chandrakund, at a short distance, there is a series of small steps and finally one reaches the Dyanalinga Temple
There is another eatery named Peppervine eatery near the Dhyanlinga Temple. 

What all does one need to deposit at counters and are they safe?

After reaching the Sarpa Gate from the Adiyogi Shiv statue (either by walking or by bullock cart) one needs to deposit everything at the deposit counters. The counters are free of charge. The volunteers collect your bags & mobile phones. You can carry your umbrella, wallet, or water bottle with you inside the Isha Centre through the Sarpa Gate. There is no need to be worried about the safety of your cellphones and valuables as the process is systematic and very safe, just make sure the token number is safe with you. 
After depositing at this counter once you head inside the Sarpa Gate, you will come across the show deposit counter where your shoes and chappals will be collected and you will be handed over with another token number.

Inside the Isha Centre, videography and photography are strictly prohibited. 

Where can I eat and what type of cuisine/ food can I find at Adiyogi?

Moonram Pirai outside the Sarpa Gate of Isha Centre near the deposit counters. 
Velliangiri Canteen, just after the main Sarpa Gate near the footwear deposit counter.
PepperVine Eater near the Dhyanlinga Temple inside the Isha Centre
Lots of Snack Shops are present on route selling some fast food items as well. You can grab coconut water, ice cream, packaged chips and wafers, and some local food at these stalls

All eateries provide mainly South Indian food, which is vegetarian and sattvic in nature. One can find light meals like Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Vadai, and Thali during lunch times. 

Can I volunteer for Seva or any events?

Yes one can volunteer easily at Isha Center by registering below
For specific events check here
For Linga Seva check here

For international and overseas visitors, what is the procedure for registration?

International Visitors can check this online portal for registration and accommodation-  check here and for the process check here

Adiyogi Shiva Statue- Isha Centre

Tips for visiting Adiyogi and Isha Centre?

  • It gets extremely hot during the days and the main Adiyogi Shiv Staue has less to no shade. Carrying water, sunscreen, and an umbrella/hat is advisable.
  • Visiting Adiyogi requires lots of walking and hence one must wear comfortable and easy-to-remove shoes. 
  • It gets extremely crowded so avoiding weekends & holidays is the best option.
  • If you want to attend any specific event you can check their programs and events here.
  • The best time to visit would be early mornings to avoid crowds or by reaching around 4 pm so you can visit temples first and then spend your time at the Adiyogi Statue during sunset. You can return after watching the 3D laser light show in the evening.
  • One can stay at Isha Centre and booking accommodation in advance is mandatory. You can check the details for staying at Adiyogi Isha Centre by clicking here 
  • The address and contact numbers of Isha Center are as follows-

    Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore – 641 114, India
    Telephone: 83000 83111, 0422 4283111, 0422 3583111

What should I wear to Adiyogi Isha Center?

Please keep in mind it gets very hot during the day, so wearing loose comfortable cotton/linen clothing is advisable. Also, clothing like short skirts & hot pants/shorts  are not allowed. Kindly respect the culture and avoid wearing revealing clothing as it is a spiritual place. Wearing ethnic & traditional clothing like a kurta pyjama is recommended however not mandatory.

Adiyogi Shiva Statue- Isha Centre

Maha Shiva Ratri At Adiyogi

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