Best places you cannot miss to visit in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country which is gaining high popularity in recent years. There are many places to see and visit in this beautiful country of Croatia like Zagreb, Plitivice, Split etc. Among the top ranking cities is the scenic town of Dubrovnik. This is an itinerary for people who want to relax yet visit all the major sights of this town. So, let’s see how to spend 3 days in this town and check out the best places to visit in Dubrovnik-

Day 1-
Today’s itinerary requires walking throughout and comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Pile Gate—Ancient City Walls—–Fort Lovrijenac—— Cable Car Ride

First let’s start our day by visiting the most popular, stunning and unique sight of the Ancient City Walls. Thanks to the Game of Thrones (a hit TV series), this sight has become popular than ever before. The old city walls are very thick and were built as a defence system against invaders encircling the city in the 13th and 14th Century.

It is a 2 km walk in total and there are few exits along the route if you don’t wish to complete the walk. The main entrance of the wall is at the beginning of the Stradun Street, on the left of pile gate where you will need to buy tickets.

When you climb the stairs of the wall, you will see an eye-catching view of the inner city. Brown hatched roofs are on the left and Blue Adriatic Sea on the right. Now when you take the west side it will lead to the Minceta tower and there is a small café with splendid views of the Adriatic sea.

The Pile Gate has served the main entrance to the old city for centuries. 

The ticket costs 150Kn/21 Euros and this ticket also includes the adjoining Lovrijenac fort. Comfortable shoes are recommended along with an umbrella and water bottle. There is not shelter on the wall and hence it can get very hot during summers.

After completing and enjoying your walk on the ancient walls, take an exit from the Pile gate where there are restaurants and shops located. You will find a narrow alley leading to the Fort Lovrijenac also known as St. Lawrence Fortress. The city wall ticket is valid on the Fort Lovrijenac. This fort also has many stairs to climb as it is on a cliff rising 37 metres above the Adriatic sea. The primary role was defensive one and historic symbol of resistance to Venetian Republic. It gives picturesque views of the old town. The wall facing the sea are 12 m wide while the those facing city are 60 cm thick. Explore the triangular layout from inside with 3 terraces and enjoy the views.

Head down and then towards the town through the outer road, of circling the old city walls.

For the Cable Car ride, there is a ticket office which is usually packed  with huge lines during the peak seasons. A return ticket for an adult costs 150 HRK, 60 HRK for children. One way tickets are 85 and 40 for adults and children respectively. The cable car can take about 25 people at a time.

As you take the cable car for a short ride and head on SRD hill, you will experience magnificent views of the old city. There are few other attractions (for an extra cost) at the top of the hill like museum of homeland war, a buggy safari, restaurant and a pearl shop.

Day 2-

Guided walking tour of Game of Thrones—- Franciscan Monastery—-Stradun + Onofrio’s Fountain—– Banje Beach/ Lapad beach

Start your day with exciting walking guided tour of Game of Thrones. There are plenty of private and group tours organised daily, with whom you can enjoy and visit the key locations used in filming of GOT along with Kings Landing with running commentary and behind the tales information. Also, you can choose to visit the Trsteno Arboretum which is featured as royal gardens in the show.

After the tour, you could visit the Franciscan Monastery (buildings occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows). A city’s well preserved and old site is the Franciscan Church and monastery. It hosts rare manuscripts in the library, an old medieval pharmacy, a church and small museum with collection of old decorated jars etc.

When exploring all these places you will cross the main Street – Stradun multiple times and the large Onofrio’s Fountain. This fountain was completed in 1438, where you can drink natural drinking spring water. This ancient water supply is a master piece supplying fresh water from Rijeka Dubrovačka, 12km away. The Sradun street is filled with many souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and many small cute alleys. Don’t miss the parallel street to Stradun with many spots for Instagram worthy pictures. You could enjoy ice cream at the 2 famous shops namely “Sladoledarna” or “Dolce Vita”.

Few other sites in the Old City itself are the Dubrovnik cathedral and Dominican Monastery.

Heading next to the Banje beach, take an exit from Ploce gate, and head straight for a short walk of 5 mins towards the scenic and beautiful beach of Banje. You will enjoy some stunning views of the old town and can relax or go for a swim. There is a luxury hotel nearby, and also water sport activities like sea kayaking and windsurfing.

There are few other popular beaches like Lapad Beach, which lies roughly 4 km to the northwest of the old city. This is a sandy beach with blue turquoise waters equipped with showers and sun loungers. There are many restaurants, hotels and children’s playground nearby.

Day 3-
One Day Tour to Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is pretty near to Dubrovnik by a short ferry ride. The ride lasts 15 mins from old port on half-hourly basis, and costs roughly 40 Kuna. Few people even opt for renting sea kayaks and visit this island. Besides sunbathing and relaxing, the island features ruins of Benedictine Monastery (built in medieval times) with a museum, restaurant and a botanical garden. The island also has few spots for scuba diving and swimming and a small inland salt lake.The day ends and sadly our 3 day short tour as well.

Hope you enjoyed this quick short guide to the beautiful town of Dubrovnik. 

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