7 Best Things To Do In Mauritius You Cannot Miss To Visit

Mauritius is among my personal favourites. The island set in Indian ocean and is famous for its beautiful beaches, lagoons and turquoise blue waters. This island also is made of many beautiful sights and activities like Black River Gorges National Park, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (strictly for plant lovers), swimming with dolphins, waterfalls and hiking trails. Being an island, water activities are the obvious choices. Hence, in this blog I haven’t included the basic ones like snorkelling, scuba diving, beach strolling etc.

Mauritius Weather: Mauritius enjoys classic tropical weather. The hottest months are from Dec to Feb and the winter months in June and July
Mauritius Currency: The currency used in Mauritius is Mauritian Rupee, but Hotels/Resorts usually charge in USD or Euros.

In this blog I would be listing the best things to do in Mauritius which will help you plan your trip better. 

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Top Things To Do In Mauritius
Top Things To Do In Mauritius
Top Things To Do In Mauritius

FAQs About Maurtius-

  • Is Mauritius a safe country?

    Mauritius is generally a safe country. Would advise to avoid walking alone on the beaches or poorly lit areas away from your Resort/ Hotel at night.

  • What is Mauritius currency?

    The currency used in this country is called as Mauritian Rupee

  • What is best time to visit Mauritius?

    Although Mauritius has warm weather all year round, best time to visit is from May to November. December to March are the hottest months.
    Tip: To avoid crowds, heat & to grab the best hotel deal July would be the best time to visit Mauritius

  • Is Mauritius Expensive?

    If you choose to stay in hotels rating 4 stars and above, then yes it is expensive. As the hotels charge the amount per day in Euros making the stay costlier. 

Casela Nature Park/ Casela World of Adventures-

Your trip to Mauritius will be incomplete if you don’t visit Casela World of Adventures. This is an amusement/animal nature park where people from all ages can enjoy feeding and interacting with various animals. Starting from interactions with lions to safari quad, Segway experiences and some thrilling activities like zip line and canyon swings. One can easily spend an entire day to enjoy all activities.
Try to plan and pre-book slot timings and activities to avoid disappointment as the park is pretty huge and can get crowded
The entrance ticket doesn’t include all activities
Personal food is not allowed inside the park unless baby food
Opening Timings- Open from 9 to 5 pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9 to 9 pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Price: 740 Rs (Includes Pangia, birds and rides, Predator Kingdom and African Safari. Rest activities are pay as u go or pre-book and pay in advance)
Address- Royal Road, Cascavelle, 90203, Mauritius

Visit their Wesbite at https://caselaparks.com/

Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park (7 coloured Earth) with Chamarel Waterfall-

This unique and huge geo-park is famous for its 7-colored earth. It is an area of sand dunes with different colours which can be seen prominently under sunshine and clear skies. This attraction is also popular for its Chamarel Waterfalls, the highest single drop fall above 100m, Giant Tortoises, Quad/ Buggy, Luge Tracks and Waterfall Zip lines. People usually spend here and an hour to 2. 
Tips- If you have elderly people you can opt for a jeep/vehicle rides instead of quad bikes to visit the Waterfalls
Price- Only entrance ticket is 150 to 350 Rs (Its doesn’t include any form of ride, and they have extra charges)
Opening Timings- Open daily from 9 to 5 pm
Address- B102, Mare Anguilles, Chamouny
Visit their Website https://lvdc.mu/

Ile aux Cerfs

The most beautiful, popular and paradise like island near Mauritius is Ile Aux Cerfs. People usually take 15- 20 min speed boat ride to visit this island from Trou D’eau Douce. White sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters perfect for your Instagram. You can enjoy various water activities like snorkeling, parasailing and even taking a catamaran cruise. Also, you can enjoy a small boat ride to the Grand River south east waterfall.
Tips- Highly recommend to visit in morning so you can spend a day or at least half day to enjoy this small island 
Recommend a speed boat ride to the island than a catamaran to save on time and money

Blue Submarine or Sub Scooter Diving by Blue Safari

Diving under the sea is a thrilling experience and usually tops everybody’s bucket list. In Mauritius one can have a chance to enjoy this unique experience. You can opt for a sub scooter ride which allows usually single or 2 members to ride together like a 2 wheeler cum submarine. It’s an absolute unique experience to dive as deep as 3m. The best part is you don’t need to know swimming or diving.
Also, there is an option of a submarine suitable for most people and even kids which dives deep to sea bed to show the ruins of Star Hope ship. Ride lasts for about 45 mins underwater. If you are not comfortable about driving a sub scooter then you can definitely opt for a 10-seater or 5-seater submarine to enjoy scenic underwater views
Price- Subscooter Ride 5100 (Single) to 6700 MUR (2 members), Submarine Ride 5100 MUR
Tips- Pre-booking is advise to avoid disappointment.

Visit their Website https://www.blue-safari.com/

Caudan Waterfront

Mauritius has 2 famous shopping malls Caudan Waterfront and Bagatelle Mall.
Caudan Waterfront is the oldest shopping centre, along the edge of harbor, and is a pleasant place to visit. With plenty options to eat, you can also shop for some souvenirs and visit the famous Umbrella Street.   
Opening timings- 9.30 to 5.30 pm

Tamarind Waterfalls

To reach Tamarind Waterfall, visitors must embark on a short hike through the forest, which takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The trail is marked well and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the lush greenery and hills.
Once at the waterfall, visitors can swim in the cool, crystal-clear waters of the natural pool at the base of the falls The rocks around the waterfall can be slippery, so be sure to observe all safety precautions and avoid diving into the pool
Tips: If you’re not familiar with the area or are new to hiking, it’s recommended to hire a guide to lead you to the waterfall and ensure your safety
The forest can be humid, and mosquitoes are prevalent, so be sure to bring along an insect repellent.

Top Things To Do In Mauritius

Shopping At Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle Mall is a popular shopping destination & definitely a good place for shoppers. The mall features over 150 stores, from luxury boutiques to high-street stores including international brands such as Mango, Lacoste, and Zara, It also hosts a range of dining options, a cinema complex, and entertainment facilities. The mall features an indoor ice-skating rink, a bowling alley, and a laser tag arena, making it a perfect destination for families and friends. The mall’s outdoor area features a range of cafes and restaurants, and a beautiful garden, providing a serene and relaxing atmosphere.
Opening Hours: Mon To Thur- 9.30 am to 8.30 pm, Fri- Sat 9.30 am to 8 pm, Sun – 9.30 to 3 pm
Visit their Website: https://www.ascenciamalls.com/bagatelle-mall

Pic Source: Bagatelle Mall Website

I hope this article has helped you with the best things to do in Mauritius. 

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