Quick Hacks To Help When You Travel Abroad

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  • Spend more time in fewer places, don’t rush- People aim at covering all the sights and not spending enough time at each sight, as a result only rushing and running to each site. Would advise to rather enjoy ever place than just running around
  • Don’t forget to get your tax refund/vat refunds –
    *Click here on Steps to your collect Tax Refund at the Airport *
  • Avoid buying souvenirs at airport-
    Airports usually are thought of being *Tax Free* and hence cheaper. But this is not the case, and souvenirs are usually expensive on airports. So, buying them in the city is the best choice.
  • Always keep some handy cash in local currency- This is definitely for unforeseen situations and also few local markets in many countries accept only cash and not card
  • Save or have a screenshot of Hotel’s Address or carry a visiting card of hotel (In countries with different language) – In countries like Japan, South Korea it is better to have a screenshot of the hotel’s address just in case you don’t find way back
  • Have more than one way to access money- Don’t be dependent on just one credit/forex Card. Always have multiple ways to access your money
  • Be broad minded and respect cultures
  • Always carry your snacks or some food to munch
  • Download local applications beforehand for food, taxis etc
  • Store your luggage in cloak rooms of your hotel in case you are checking in early or your flight is late than the check out time
  • Make most of the city and benefit by taking local walking guided tours
  • Use local transport like metros, buses instead of taxis to have a taste of their actual life
  • Research nearest station and some information about local transport to save money
    Example: Buying oyster cards for London Metro will be cheaper or IC card in Japan
  • Remember or take a photo of the exit-no of metro stations
  • Buy weekly pass or 3-day tickets instead of single journey tickets
  • Look for nearby places from city you are visiting so you can visit them in a day tour
  • Shop in the country’s famous local brands for more variety
  • Never reveal all your travel plans to hotel staff/ taxi drivers or your guides
  • If your trip is of long duration, like more than 20 days you can use common launderettes for washing your clothes
  • Many hotels in south east Asia provide unlimited complimentary bottled water in room
  • Many hotels provide free shuttle buses to famous tourist spots or popular malls
  • Booking an hotel with a package which includes breakfast will be more reasonable
  • And lastly, carry a copy or your passport and copy of your country’s address proof with you all times

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