17 Shopping Tips And A Guide Of Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

 3.On Myeon-Dong Street there are people wearing red clothes with “i” symbol. They help you navigate along as it can get really crowded and confusing with small lanes

 4.Carry comfortable bags to keep the products you bought.

 5.Shopping lockers are available in all subways to put your bags

 6.Pre-decide if you want to buy for any specific concern like mainly for acne, to narrow down the confusion

 7.Research a bit on what products are popular according to your skin type

 8.Don’t spend much time in one shop as you would spend more in buying unnecessary items

 9.All stores usually provide free samples just to enter their store and to have a look at their products.
If you are not buying anything and still taking free samples, it is normal in South Korea

 10.If you are not sure if the product will suit you, you could ask for a free sample of the product

 11.Myeon-Dong is not only a paradise for beauty products, but also has incredible variety of socks, accessories and bags. These are availabe at affordable prices   

 12.Money exchange is easily available around Myeongdong 

 13.Many shops like Line Friends and Kakao Store have huge character stuffed toys on display for clicking pictures. They have some amazing quirky product lines

 14.For perfect insta photos, you can head to some cafes at top floors of shops like Innisfree and Hello Kitty Café

 15.Style Nanda Pink hotel is a hotel concept store which sells makeup and clothes. Don’t miss the surprising and beautiful conceptual experience

 16.There is also an underground Myeon-dong centre with various stalls and small shops selling clothes and accessories

 17.Besides the myeon-dong street, there are various shopping malls nearby like  Lotte Mart, Shinsegae, multi floored Daiso Etc.

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Best Places To Shop In Seoul Myeongdong
Best Places To Shop In Seoul Myeongdong

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