All Documents Required for Immigration / Visa on arrival for a tourist in Maldives

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Maldives you wont need a prior approved visa. The Government of Maldives provides visa on arrival, free of cost for people travelling to Maldives for the purpose of tourism. This is valid for 30 days from the day of arrival. One can extend this visa upto 60 days if required from concerned authorities during your stay after following the required procedure. Travelling to Maldives can be hassle free if you carry all the required documents and you will not face any problem at the immigration. 
So lets check the required list of documents to enter Maldives which are checked during your check in procedure before departing and at the immigration counters after landing.

Where is Maldives located?
The Maldives is a captivating archipelago nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Geographically, it can be found southwest of the Indian subcontinent, neighboring both India and Sri Lanka. This tropical paradise comprises a collection of 26 coral atolls, encompassing approximately 1,200 coral islands. The Maldives’ geographical coordinates place it southwest of Sri Lanka and southwest of the southernmost tip of India.

Maldives Visa On Arrival Documents

IMUGA Travel Declaration –
Every passenger still needs to fill a mandatory Travel Form within 96 hrs  before the flight time on IMUGA- click here. The declaration form requires details like  arrival and departure dates, address of hotel, passport photo etc

Hotel Confirmation/ Proof of Accommodation- 
You need to hold a valid hotel confirmation which includes your arrival and departure date. 

Passport- One should carry a passport which is valid for atleast 6 months from the date of arrival in Maldives 

Vaccination Certificates-
You are allowed to enter whether you are vaccinated or un-vaccinated.
If you have taken vaccines, its better to carry both the vaccination dose certificates along with you.  

Return/Onward Confirmed Air tickets – Confirmed Air tickets are mandatory. You need to show the tickets of your onward journey to fly out from Maldives when your trip ends.

Proof Of Funds – Seldom asked ! It is not mandatory but Immigration Officers may ask you to show proof of funds required during your stay in Maldives. You can present your credit card statement, a bank statement or receipt of payment done to Hotel. 

Airline Web Check In-  Web check-in is not mandatory but is open by all airlines 48 hrs to 60 minutes before your scheduled flight. You can check with your airlines to save on time 

Travel Insurance- Some resorts in Maldives require a proof of travel insurance for safety of all guests. It is not mandatory but highly advisable to have travel insurance documents with you during your immigration. 

Maldives Visa On Arrival Documents
Maldives Visa On Arrival Documents
Maldives Visa On Arrival Documents
Maldives Seaplane

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